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  • What shall I have engraved on my Pet Tag?

    At least once a day we receive a phone call into our office at Pet Tags HQ from our customers enquiring about what information they should have engraved on their pet tag.  Obviously, we’ll engrave anything (within reason) on a pet tag and we get some rather interesting engraving requests, examples can be seen here and here.

    There is a law regarding the information that should be included on a tag worn by a dog.  The law was introduced on 1992 and is called The Control of Dogs Order 1992.  This bit of legislation makes it law for all dogs (with a few exceptions) to wear a collar and a tag with its owner’s name and address inscribed on it.  The law is a little opaque with regards to what exactly address means. We advise pet owners to include at least the house name or number, the street name, the town or village and the post code.  Most people have smart phones these days so if they find your dog then they will be able to track down your address very easily using this information. 

    We also advice pet owners to include at least one telephone number, quite often a mobile number is more useful than a land line.  The reason being if the dog runs off during a walk and is found then the reunification will be a quicker process.

    There is fierce debate regarding the inclusion of the pet’s name.  Some people believe that it potentially makes the theft of the pet more likely if the pet’s name is included on the identity tag.  While others believe that the pet will feel more at ease from being called by his or her name if they are found.  We understand both arguments.

    Depending on the size of tag there is normally room to fit a few additional bits of information.  Where there is enough room we think its useful to include a telephone number for your vet.  This is particularly useful while walking your dog.  If your dog is hurt and you need to contact your vet in an emergency its useful to have a constant note of the vet’s telephone number.

    It is also useful to provide any medical information if your pet suffers from any long-term conditions.

    Up until April 2016 we would have also suggested stating if the pet was microchipped however as it’s law for dogs to be microchipped now there is no real need to include this information.

    More inscription can be included on our laser etched Pet Tags because we have greater flexibility during the engraving process.  Our stainless steel, styled and agility collar tags are laser etched.


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