What shall I have engraved on my Pet Tag?

To answer this simply you can have anything you want engraved on your pet’s tag…

At least once a day we receive a phone call into our office at Pet Tags HQ from our customers enquiring about what information they should have engraved on their pet tag. Obviously, we’ll engrave anything on a pet tag and we get some rather interesting engraving requests as you can see below.

There is a law regarding the information that should be included on a tag worn by a dog. The law was introduced on 1992 and is called The Control of Dogs Act 1992. This bit of legislation makes it law for all dogs (with a few exceptions) to wear a collar and a tag with its owner’s name and address inscribed on it. You can see the law for yourself here.

There’s a bit of debate as to whether you have to include your whole address of just your house number or name and your postcode. We advise the first line, location (village, town or city) and postcode. We had one client that lived in a remote location ask for their What3Words location to be included on the tag.

The other area of debate is should you include the name of the pet on the tag. Some say you shouldn’t as it helps potential thieves lure your dog away others say that if your dog is found then your dog is probably going to be confused or frightened and to hear their name may help to keep then calm.

The other essential bit of information to include on the tag is your mobile number; we all carry our mobiles with us and if your dog is found after running away then by far the easiest way for them to be returned to you is a simple phone call.

Additional information that is also very useful to include is a partner or other family member’s mobile phone number and also the telephone number for the vet that you use. The vet’s number can save vital time if the worst happens and your loved pet is found injured.

It’s also vital to keep all information up to date.