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Welcome to Pet Tags - The home to Britain's Premier Pet Tag Range.

Buy Genuine Valium Online Uk, Buy Ardin Valium


 Tags - 2nd Class Post Included (+15p for 1st Class)

Product(s) up to 1.5kg - £3.95

Product(s) over 1.5kg & up to 10kg - £6.50 w/ FedEx Courier

Products to Highlands & Islands - Please Enquire



Tag(s) - +60p Airmail 

Product(s) Up To 350g - £3.95

Product(s) Over 350g - Please Enquire



Our aim is to ensure that you receive the very best quality products at competitive prices. If you are not completely satisfied with any goods that you have purchased we will either exchange them or refund your money, providing the goods are returned to us in their original condition within 14 days of receipt. It is recommended that they are well packed, preferably in the original packaging and that you obtain proof of posting. Exchanges or refunds can only be made once the original goods have been received back at CSL/Pet Tags. We will refund any reasonable carriage costs resulting from CSL/Pettags packing errors.

About Pet Tag Delivery

Buy Genuine Valium Online Uk, Buy Ardin Valium

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